Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lost "Duffy's Tavern" Found In Cincy!

Here's a "lost" episode of Duffy's Tavern (no audio exists of this show), copied from original scripts by Derek Tague, and performed by a slew of talented amateurs, including a "Theatre Of The Mindless" member as Finnegan (I think it's the stupid-sounding guy in the hat)!

Most of the script is pretty funny, especially Steven Thompson's character Archie, but unless you are a supreme devotee of pre-1950's opera, the show's punchline may leave you a bit flat.

Still, any port in a storm, and this "Duffy" was only heard on the night it was originally broadcast - never since, until now.

Another TOTM'er Wins Award!

Here's our own Laura Jansen, winning the Dave Warren Award (which is given for outstanding work done in Old Time Radio re-creations) at the 2010 Cincinnati Old Time Radio Convention.

What a great chuckle from the audience as Don Ramlow (the presenter, and director of the Cincy re-creations) says the name of our group, "Theatre Of The Mindless".

In fact, this year, Laura decided to take some time off from performing at the Cincy Con (awww!). She was the most surprised person in the room when she won (the rest of us know how great she is already)!

Congratulations, Laura!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

ScriptFrenzy Winner!

One of us made it to 100 pages on April 29th - the finish line for the ScriptFrenzy contest, a day early! WOOHOO!

Watch (listen) for "Drive-Thru", a comedy-mystery story (sort of "Clerks" meets "Rear Window") coming "soon"!