Friday, August 31, 2007


Click here for this wonderful audio download - a crisp, refreshing 1940's ad for Chesterfield cigarettes. Gosh, they make them sound so APPEALING! And then there's this cutie in the magazine ad waving that checkered flag with her un-ciggied free makes me want to RACE down to the corner stand to buy some Chesterfields! What ingeniously insidious, iniquitously interesting, and interminably intoxicating marketing. But we're much too sophisticated to fall for that type of advertising in this day and age, right? RIGHT?!? Yeah, right.


ilamfan said...

The link for the audio cig ad is:

Dwartz Farquhartz said...

Is that Der Bingle doing the "oh ho" part?

ilamfan said...

It sure is! SHARP EARS. 8^)#