Monday, October 1, 2007

Okay, here's a bit of TOTM history for you - an original piece that we did our first year (izzat NINE YEARS AGO?!?). Be forewarned: this is NOT one of the newer, mindblowing pieces that we're working on right now, but a rather flawed amateur production...there's plenty wrong with this one, but there's also plenty that's cool.

"The Seven Dogs Of Death" was written by Shawn Fitzgerald, and features several of the current TOTM members, plus Heidi Feldkirchner and Mark Kettner (full credits at the end of the show...and I still wince because I badly mispronounced Heidi's last name - sorry!). Done in the harder-to-edit analog tape days, this horror tale hasn't been heard (live or recorded or otherwise) for many years.

Give it a listen. Leave a comment. Use it as a way to measure how much we've improved, once you hear the newer stuff.

It was tons of fun to do. Now I'll have to dig up "Dear Old Dad", a horror monologue that we did before this one. That one's so bad it's good. Yeah, man, where'd I put that cassette? What do you mean, "What's a cassette?"?

CLICK HERE to hear it, or right click and "Save Link As" to save it.


ilamfan said...

"Old man, what have you done?!?", INDEED...that is the sound of the old man stabbing his victims, while he barks. Came through better on paper than it did on audio. Like I said, this is one of our earliest attempts - we're much better now. You'll see/hear how much better soon, I promise. 8^)#

VShane said...

WOW Steve, look at all the cool stuff to click on!
My you have been busy ;)
Well you certainly keep this updated well.
Man I have alot to catch up on. I'll have to email you or call sometime soon.
Don't be a stranger, well....or stranger, thats a good thing though right?
Miss ya bud, maybe we can catch up sooonish eh?

V Shane

Paddy said...

Man!! Cool show! Very "Nightfall", but still a neat piece! Very psychedelic in the "dream state" parts. I need to listen to that bit on ear goggles.

Sweet - post some more please!