Sunday, October 30, 2011

1939 "War Of the Worlds" Article

Astounding Outcome Of The "Martian Scare"!

This is an article from the February 1939 issue of Radio Mirror about the effects of Orson Welles' phenomenal WOTW broadcast!

I love the way they use a photo of actor Bill Johnstone as The Shadow here...

Don't you all remember how you used to sneak spoonfuls of tasty, delicious Fletcher's Castoria castor oil when mom and dad weren't looking? Mmmmm...

Although mostly fluff (and surpisingly devoid of anger), the ending of the article does mention the "radio censorship ghost", a new awareness for this country to prepare against war, a change in news broadcasts, and radio's exodus from Hollywood. Interesting and insightful points, given that this story was probably written only about two months after the WOTW broadcast!

Maybe THIS picture should have been in the article (the REAL Orson Welles as the Shadow!) -

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