Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Some Stuff That's Actually NEW

Awright, y'all bin wonderin' wot in blazes bin goin' on with tho ol' TOTM blog of late - 'n' it's bin a whole lotta nuthin', frankly!

Well, truth be told, real life gets in the way of the fun stuff plenty often.  Thank goodness!  Because then there might be no new things to mention on the old blog...

Like our newest endeavor, Gunschmuck.

Gunschmuck is, of course, a "Gunsmoke" parody.  Now, I mean the RADIO "Gunsmoke", not the TV "Gunsmoke"...not that there's anything wrong with the TV version, besides most of the scripts being completely lifted from the radio series, and the incredible radio actors (William Conrad, Parley Baer, Howard McNear, and Georgia Ellis) ungraciously passed over for any tv roles.

The "schmuck" in Gunschmuck means "foolish" or "stupid", NOT the original outmoded Yiddish vulgarism, so please - no angry letters.  The whole concept is about turning the well-known characters inside-out, and filling the rest with totally stupid absurdist humor.  Running jokes.  Tripping and falling jokes.  Bad gags.  Puns.  Nothing very sophisticated, here.  Hear?

And that's all reflected in the graphics: some of my favorite "stupid humor" artists have been melded into typical Gunsmokian old-west for Moe, Larry, Curly, Jerry Lewis, Lucy, Lloyd & Harry from "Dumb & Dumber", Bob & Ray, and so on.  By the way, we're NOT playing these characters in the Gunschmuck shows, just using their images to convey what we're doing: creating fun, idiotic humor that just about anyone can enjoy, even years on down the road.

In fact, a Mr Martin Grams Jr has heard the first two shows, and seemed to enjoy them QUITE A BIT - check out his review HERE.

Thanks so much, Marty!

Also, at the 2014 Cincinnati Nostalgia Convention, the OTRAOKE booth took up more "real life" time.  OTRaoke is the red-headed stepchild of Old Time Radio and karaoke, designed to let anyone become the star of their favorite OTR show...not sure just who this old guy is standing by the booth, but he sure looks happy to be there!  Maybe he tried the newest otraoke show, a totally severe episode of the 1930's police procedural adventure, "Police Headquarters".  The police use threats, violence, and a rubber hose to "get their man" in this episode - they even go back on their word, cancel the plea bargain, and arrest the stoolie who helped them, at the end!  Whee!

In fact, a certain David (BookDave) Thompson gave this one a try, and his father BookSteve gave the whole shebang a nice review HERE.

Thanks so much BookThompsons!


There are three more Gunschmuck scripts sitting here on the desk in front of me, each more stupider than the last - they WILL be turned into full-fledged audio shows (no matter HOW much you all wish they won't!).

And plus also some more other stuff, too.

Watch out!

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